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Weekly Sermons

14th May 2017

David Lord


David Lord 14th May 2017.mp3

21st May 2017

Garry Pearson


Hebrew 11:1-6

Garry Pearson 21st May 2017.mp3

28th May 2017

Richard Priestly

Baptism in Water

Math 3:13-17

Richard Preistley 28th May 2107.mp3

4th June 2017

Jonathan Jackson

Baptism in Water

Jonathon Jackson 4th June 2017.mp3

11th June 2017

Jonathan Jackson

Psalm 84

Jonathon Jackson 11th June 2017.mp3

30thth Apr 2017

Simon Gimeno


Garry Pearson 18th June 2107.mp3

25th June 2017

Richard Priestley


Hebrews 12:14-29

Richard Preistley 25th June 2017.mp3