Barnoldswick ?

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Barnoldswick ?
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Barnoldswick is a small town (13,000 pop) in East Lancashire.People who care passionately about political boundarys like to say that the town is in Yorkshire - before 1974 we were in the now defunct West Riding. I don't particulary care one way or the other and I tell it as it is - Barnoldswick for better or worse is part of Lancashire. The nearest towns that you may have heard of are Burnley (10 miles/16 km) and Skipton (8 miles/13 km). If you need an excuse to come, we are very close to the Yorkshire Dales, 20km and you're well into them. Barnoldswick is not connected to the outside world by any major roads so you can quite happily pass it by without being aware of its existence. Its an old cotton mill town, although nowadays its a dormatory town for the nearby larger towns. Known locally as 'Barlick' it still has a fair proportion of people born and bred in the town but the number of 'oft comed uns' is increasing as time passes because its such a nice place to live. In case you're wondering, I WAS born and bred here !

This page originated from my earliest presence on the internet in 1996. The photo's on this page are from that era. Much more modern pictures are available here. Thanks for Visiting.

Photo of Newtown

Barnoldswick Town Centre (Newtown) 31st May 1996 - Notice Christmas Lights!

Barlick Church Street

Barnoldswick Town Centre (Church Street)

Gisburn & Skipton Roads

Junction of Gisburn Road & Skipton Road

Barlick Town Square

Barnoldswick Town Centre (Town Square from Newtown)
Building Centre Background is my Church (Majestic)

Town Square Again

Closer View of Town Square - 2nd March 1997 (Kodak DC20)

If you see identical photographs elsewhere on the Web - they originated here - I took all the photographs of Barnoldswick contained on this Website. I'm not too worried by people putting my work up on their sites but I don't like them passing it off as their own. If you want to 'borrow' a picture from here - theres little to stop you, but a mention of where you got them would be appreciated. Thank You.